About Us

We started this shop for the LOVE of Funko and everything else related to it! Llike most people, we started off collecting Funko Pops as a hobby and we all had our own favorites whether it  be anime, 90's ad icons, sports, TV shows, movies and the list just goes on and on. Before we knew it we had more pops than we had room. However throughout the years as much as their were pops there wasn't much options available in terms of safely storing and preserving the pops in its best condition possible from accidental drops, creases, scratches, bumps and anything else you can think of that will damage the box,hence lowering the value! So we decided to create and source our own premium pop protectors ourselves, delivering a high quality case that not only safely and securely stores your pops with our signature locking tab, but also  lasting a lifetime in preserving the original condition of your pop as much as possible!